Why web 1.0?

This seems like an enormously outdated site still created with html in a very basic design. The latter points are true but also be a matter of aesthetic preference or style of self-presentation. Regarding its contents, this site has lived and grown since 1998 and meanwhile consists of some 400 files in some 40 folders. Various people and institutions have offered support in updating the site, suggesting CMS / TYPO3 or WORDPRESS-platforms according to the respective zeitgeist.The amount of work required would be enormous of only temporary benefit, since one relaunch is followed by the next only a few years later. At the same time, none of these systems easily offer password-protected folders, offline-editing, backups or quick handling of large amounts of files required for all the materials and literature. After various experiments in the past, I simply decided to stick to the most effective system and simultaneously declare it my personal archive. Once you've managed to bear these limitations, you won't even have to suffer from entropic word listings, info-boxes, quicklinks and the like. Now make the best of it!